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Vilniaus lopselis – darzelis Gintarelis

Kindergarten manager: Laima Bartaskiene

Address: Didlaukio street 35, Vilnius. Lithuania

Post Code: LT-08320

Telephone: +370 5 277 7786

Fax: 85 277 7786

Email: rastine@gintarelis.vilnius.lm.lt

Website:  http://www.kruonio.ml

Kindergarten „Gintarelis“ is a Vilnius municipality pre-school institution providing non-formal education services for children from 2 to 7 years. Educators seek to support development of an active, independent, self-confident, creative ant mature child. At the moment kindergarten has 289 children and 50 staff employers.

Kindergarten is implementing pre-kindergarten (for 6 years old) and kindergart en (for 2-5 years old) enriched curriculum collaboratively created by the staff and parents. The kindergarten participate in several health promoting programs: the public health program „To the Health Land“; long-term children football program „Let‘s Bring Back Kids to the Stadiums“ and „Little Football Player“. Emotional experiences and social skills promotes international program „Zippy‘s Friends“. All teachers are appropriately trained and qualified to work with these programs.

Kindergarten pedagogical staff is an active participant of LEU project „Development of Self-regulation in Play“.

Educators are constantly seeking parent‘s participation in educational process. There are a lot of creative family craft exhibitions in our kindergarten. Perents ideas and suggestions enrich the educational process, strengthen the link between teachers, parents and children.

Kindergarten is an active member of a national association of „Gintarelis“ kindergartens. The associacion organizes annual congresses and constantly share experiences and ideas among members, carry our different projects.

Our teachers often participate in Vilnius city or national projects, they seek to develop their competence and qualifications.

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